Latest version

New in version 4.0.12 for Windows 7, 8 and 10 64bit

Note: Upgrading from a previous myFFmpeg version to myFFmpeg 4 is a paying option.

- Added preference option ’Show Notification’.
- Cueued batch files can now not be edited anymore.
- Improved encoding to HEVC/H265 when using hardware accelerated encoding.
- Improved passthru wizard.
- It’s ow possible to use higher bitrates for OGG.
- Improved WEBM support.
- Fixed problem releasing memory when quiting myFFmpeg.

Version 4.0:
- Totally rewritten commandline compiler.
- Rewritten Watch Folder feature.
- New feature 'Passthru wizard’.
- New feature ’Search FFmpeg options’.
- New Batchview.
- Now can handle unlimited watch folders.
- You can now add movies as overlay (Picture-in-Picture).
- Added Thin/Thick button to toggle between batch view heights.
- Added source Info and Find buttons in each batch view.
- Added destinations Info, Find, Preview, Passthru Wizard buttons in each batch view.
- Added save button in preset selector to save user presets.
- Added Edit button to edit destination file name.
- Added support for 8K and 8K UHD.
- Added support for CRF encoding with hardware accelerated encoding with Intel QSV.
- Added ‘Enable lossless’ option for HEVC.
- Added option 'Use colorspace from source (when available).
- Added ‘Convert to sub folder’ preference option.
- Added ‘Sub Folder Name’ preference option.
- Added HEVC SEI preset selector.
- Terminal window title now dispay the filename.
- Added FFmpeg information button on main window
- Added Diagnostics feature for installed FFmpeg files.
- Added Set ‘Preset button’ to set specific preset for watch folders.
- Added on/off button to toggle watch folders on/off.
- Added 'Hide myFFmpeg' option.
- Added ‘Window allways on top’ option.
- Added Bitstream Filter section.
- Added search field.
- Added option ‘Convert MPEG-2/4 AAC ADTS to an MPEG-4 Audio Specific bitstream’.
- Added option ‘Extract the core from a E-AC-3 stream’.
- Added option ‘Modifies the bitstream to fit in MOV and to be usable by Final Cut Pro’.
- Added option ‘Unpack DivX-style packed B-frames’.
- Added option ‘Set as Forced Subtitle Stream’
- Added option ‘Position’ for hard burning subtitles.
- Added option ‘Encode with Operational Pattern Atom (OP-Atom)’
- Added DTS profiel option.
- Added support for extracting embedded Closed Caption subtitles.
- Now checks if the video size is divisible by 2 for H264 and H265.
- Clicking on Advanced options now correctly shows the related window.
- Changed ‘Watermark’ filter to ‘Overlay’
- Added Video ‘filter Normalizer’
- Option ‘Normalize Smoothing’
- Option ‘Normalize Independence’
- Option ‘NormalizeStrength’
- Video ‘NLmeansDenoising’
- Option ‘Denoising’
- Option ‘Patch size’
- Option ‘Researchsize’
- Added Audio filter ‘Audio Delay’
- Option ‘Channel 1’
- Option ‘Channel 2’
- Option ‘Channel 3’
- Option ‘Channel 4’
- Option ‘Channel 5’
- Option ‘Channel 6’
- Option ‘Channel 7’
- Option ‘Use last set delay for all remaining channels’
- Added option ‘Render Frame Type’
- Added video filter ‘Deinterlace neural network’
- Added option ‘Weights’.
- Added option ‘Frames to deinterlace’.
- Added option ‘Mode of Operation’.
- Added option ‘Size of local neighbourhood’.
- Added option ‘Number of neutrons’.
- Added option ‘Predictions’.
- Added option ‘Set of weights’.
- Added option ‘Prescreener’.
- Added Overlay option ‘transparency’
- Added Overlay option ‘Rescale’
- Added Overlay option ‘Rescale X’
- Added Overlay option ‘Rescale Y’
- Added ‘removegrain filter’ video filter.
- Added option ‘Mode for the first plane’.
- Added option ‘Mode for the second plane’.
- Added option ‘Mode for the third plane’.
- Added option ‘Mode for the fourth plane’.
- Added ‘Bob Weaver Deinterlacing Filter’ video filter.
- Added option ‘Interlacing Mode to Adopt’.
- Added option ‘Picture Field Parity’.
- Added option ‘Specify frames to deinterlace’.
- Added video filter ‘Vague denoiser”
- Added option ‘Threshold’.
- Added option ‘Filtering methods’
- Added option ‘Insteps’
- Added option ‘Partial of full demonising’
- Added option ‘ List of the planes to process’.
- Added tpad video filter (for adding frames at start and end).
- Added option ’Number of delay frames at start’
- Added option ‘Kind of frames to start’
- Added option ’Number of delay frames at end’
- Added option ‘Kind of frames to end’
- Added Vibrance video filter.
- Added option ‘Strength’.
- Added option ‘Red balance’.
- Added option ‘Green balance’.
- Added option ‘Blue balance’.
- Added option ‘Alternate colors”.
- Added Deflicker video filter.
- Added option ‘Size map algorithm’.
- Added option ‘Averaging mode’.
- Added ‘Tonemap/Z-scale’ video filter.
- Added option ‘Tone map algorithm’.
- Added option ‘Tune mapping algorithm ‘.
- Added option ‘Desaturation’.
- Added option ‘Override signal peak’.
- Added option ’Tone map Video size’.
- Added option ‘Dither type’.
- Added option ‘Resize filter type’.
- Added option ‘Color range’.
- Added option ‘Color Primaries’.
- Added option ‘Transfer Characteristics’.
- Added option ‘Colorspace matrix’.
- Added option ’Input color range’.
- Added option ‘Input color primaries’.
- Added option ‘Input transfer characteristics’.
- Added option ‘Input colorspace matrix’.
- Added option ’Output chroma location’.
- Added option ‘Input Chroma location’.
- Added fast page switch for x264 and x265 options.
- Added option 'Allow seeking to non-keyframes on demuxer level'.
- Added option 'Enable loading of external tracks'.
- Added option 'Allows loading of external tracks via absolute paths’.
- Improved preview feature.
- Optimised for Windows 10
- Fixed issue when setting audio codec to Passthru and some advanced audio options are enabled.

Important : myFFmpeg does NOT include a compiled FFmpeg file! You have to compile or download this yourself.

FFmpeg.exe files for Windows:
Download FFmpeg - OTTVerse version - we recommend using Static FFmpeg.exe file point release
Download FFmpeg - version - we recommend using Static FFmpeg.exe file essentials release
Download FFmpeg - version

If you want to compile your own FFmpeg static build:
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Older myFFmpeg versions:
Download myFFmpeg 3.8.8

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