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19 October 2018 - New in version 3.5  for Windows 7, 8 and 10

This update is very highly recommended for all registered users! 

- Added AV1 support for MP4, AVI and Matroska containers.
- Added option 'Encode with Operational Pattern Atom (OP-Atom)’ for MXF containers.
- Added support for HAP video codec in MKV and AVI containers.
- Added x265 option 'Emit VPS, SPS, and PPS headers with every keyframe’.
- Added option ‘Render Real Timecode’ (Render Timecode filter).
- Added option ‘’Render Frame number’ (Render Timecode filter).
- Added option ‘Render Frame Type’ (Render Timecode filter).
- Added option ‘Chunks to Split Frames into’ (HAP).
- Added preference option Filename ‘Prefix’ and ‘Suffix’.
- x265 option ‘RC-Lookahead’ now is set to ‘auto’ by default.
- Added cropping option ’Scale to Square Pixels’.
- Added cropping option 'Cropping mode’ (Auto, Auto with preserving centre, 16:9, 4:3 and Manual).
- Added cropping option ‘Modulus’.
- Added audio filter ‘Merging’ (for both Embedded and external audio streams).
- Added audio channel mapping filter.
- Added option 'Set as default Audio Stream'.
- Added option ‘Decode CUVID’ (Advanced/Hardware Acceleration).
- Added option ’Set as default audio stream’.
- Added option ’Set as default Subtitle stream’ .
- Added H264RGB video codec.
- Added EAC3 audio codec for MP4 containers.
- Added “hevc” file extention.
- Added ‘Audio Set PTS’ filter.
- Added video filter ‘Color Space’.
- Added option 'Specify all input color properties’.
- Added option 'Specify all output color properties’.
- Added option 'Specify input colorspace’.
- Added option 'Specify input transfer characteristics’;
- Added option 'Specify input color primaries’.
- Added optin 'Specify input color range’.
- Added option 'Specify output colorspace’.
- Added option 'Specify output transfer characteristics’.
- Added option 'Specify output color primaries’.
- Added option 'Specify output color range’.
- Added option 'Specify output color format’.
- Added option 'Do a fast conversion, which skips gamma/primary correction’.
- Added option 'Dithering mode’.
- Added option 'Whitepoint adaptation mode’.
- Added option 'Convert H264 or HEVC bitstream from length to start code prefixed mode'
- You can now change the audio and subtitle language metadata when copying subtitles and/or audio streams. 
- Optimised compiling FFmpeg commandline.
- Scaler now uses Bicubic as default.
- Added a lot of help tags.
- Improved compiling commandline.
- Improved adding subtitles to MOV containers making it compatible with QT. 
- Fixed issue retrieving the correct pixel format from .mxf files with uncommon pixel formats.
- The user presets are now listed alphabetically.
- Fixed issue writing colorspaces for MOV containers with ProRes codec.
- Fixed issue updating the FPS and Size when setting the ‘Set Target Type’.
- Fixed setting the x265 profile option.
- Fixed issue exporting to JPG files.

FFmpeg.exe files for Windows:
Download FFmpeg (Recommended) - we recommend using Static FFmpeg.exe file point release (not daily build) (When unzipped - look into the BIN directory for the ffmpeg.exe file)

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