Latest version

New in version 4.0.15 for Windows 7, 8 and 10 64bit

- Added richt click menu item ‘Check Integrity’.
- Added support for .idx subtitles.
- Added SMPTE  ST428 to color primaries.
- Improved diagnostics for FFmpeg files.
- Better setting the GOP and Keyint_min values for H264 (x264).
- Improved FFmpeg error handling.
- Fixed issue encoding to H265 10bit.
- Fixed issue using SetPTS video filter.
- Fixed issue compiling the metadata.
- Fixed memoy leak when merging files.

Important : myFFmpeg does NOT include a compiled FFmpeg file! You have to compile or download this yourself.

FFmpeg.exe files for Windows:
Download FFmpeg - OTTVerse version - we recommend using Static FFmpeg.exe file point release
Download FFmpeg - version - we recommend using Static FFmpeg.exe file essentials release
Download FFmpeg - version

If you want to compile your own FFmpeg static build:
Click here

Older myFFmpeg versions:
Download myFFmpeg 3.8.8

FFmpeg source: 
Download source

myFFmpeg uses Mediainfo by Jerome Martinez