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New in version 3.1  for Windows 7, 8 and 10

- Added Audio filter ‘Resample’.
- Added option ‘Dither Method’.
- Added option ‘Dither Scale’.
- Added option ‘Filter Type’.
- Added option ‘Filter Size’.
- Added option ‘Number of sample bits for dithering’.
- Added option ‘Phase Shift’.
- Added option ‘Cutoff Frequency’.
- Added option ‘Audio Sync to Timestamps’.
- Added option ‘Use Linear Interpolation’.
- Added option 'Prevents clipping when rematrixing’.
- Added option ‘Ignore’ to Video Size selector.
- Added video filter 'Format'.
- Added option ‘Pixel Format’.
- Fixed issue recalculating bitrate according BPP when changing video size.
- Fixed issue encoding source files that only have audio streams.
- Fixed issue setting the Timecode rendering positions. 

Important : myFFmpeg does NOT include a compiled FFmpeg.exe file! You have to compile or download yourself.

FFmpeg.exe files for Windows:
Download FFmpeg (Recommended) - we recommend using Static FFmpeg.exe file (When unzipped - look into the BIN directory for the ffmpeg.exe file)

User Presets (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, XDCAM HD, Android, Kindle, Avid, …):
Download User Presets

Older myFFmpeg versions:
Download myFFmpeg 2.3.3

FFmpeg source: 
Download source

myFFmpeg uses Mediainfo by Jerome Martinez

myFFmpeg - Code by OSBytes

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