Latest version

New in version 3.6.7 for Windows 7, 8 and 10

- Added x265 AQ-Mode 'enabled with auto-variance and edge’.
- Added several help tags for FFmpeg options.
- Now shows a warning when changing the destination folder.
- Slightly faster previewing.
- Fixed issue initialising the progressbar when changing trimming values.
- Fixed issue exporting to .png and .jpg images.
- Fixed issue setting the position when using draw text filter.
- Fixed issue adding qdiff, qcomp and qblur when using CRF.
- Fixed memory leak when merging movies.
- Fixed issue enabling VP8 option ‘arnr-strength’.
- Fixed issue removing audio streams.
- ‘Write MoovAtom at start of file’ is now only added when supported.

Important : myFFmpeg does NOT include a compiled FFmpeg file! You have to compile or download this yourself.

FFmpeg.exe files for Windows:
Download FFmpeg (Recommended) - we recommend using Static FFmpeg.exe file point release (not daily build) (When unzipped - look into the BIN directory for the ffmpeg.exe file)

Older myFFmpeg versions:
Download myFFmpeg 3.4
Download myFFmpeg 2.3.3

FFmpeg source: 
Download source

myFFmpeg uses Mediainfo by Jerome Martinez